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‘Dogs @ Socon Basketball Tourney + Baseball Dogs win in Hawai’i

March 5, 2010

Coach Conroy and his ‘Dogs play Samford in the 1st round of the SoCon basketball tourney tonight in Charlotte.  If you are in the Charlotte area go out and support the Bulldogs.  We defeated Samford twice in the regular season but both games were nail biters and our record in the 1st round is not stellar.  If you can’t attend but want to listen, go to and hook up with Bulldog Insider, which is cheaper than a hotel room &  a ticket.   The winner of tonight’s game gets Northern Division Champ App State @ 7p.m. Saturday. 

The Bulldog baseball team is in sunny Honolulu playing the Hawai’i Rainbow Warriors.   Game one was a 12-8 victory for the ‘Dogs placing our record a 6-1.  The ‘Dogs play the weekend series then head back to the states.  Enjoy paradise boys, but stay clear of old Dog the Bounty Hunter!  I am sure that Major Justin Howe, a member of this list and member of the ROTC staff at U of H is in the stands rooting for his ‘Dogs, along other Bulldog faithful. 

Time to go. Have great weekend and Go Dogs!



Letter from Gen. Rosa

March 5, 2010

The following was sent out to alumni by Gen. Rosa on 3/4/10 – Willis

“We have all been staggered by the recent arrests of Miguel Starks and Reginald Rice. This episode shines a harsh light on the college because we hold ourselves to higher standards.

At this point we must keep in mind that the arrests of Mr. Starks and Mr. Rice are part of a police investigation. I do not have all the information held by the police, and it would not be appropriate for me to speculate on an ongoing investigation. Moreover, we must remember that all Americans are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

I know that many of you have questions about Mr. Starks’ enrollment and departure from The Citadel. I can report that Mr. Starks is no longer enrolled at The Citadel. However, the details of student records are protected by federal privacy laws.

There have also been questions surrounding the admission of Reginald Rice, a former cadet and football player who was arrested along with Mr. Starks. Again, The Citadel is limited in what it can say. However, upon his arrival in 2005, Coach Kevin Higgins instituted a vigorous investigative process of recruits’ backgrounds. He and the coaching staff conduct numerous interviews with their recruits, their families, their coaches, and the community leaders who know them best. Additionally, there is an admissions process that all applicants, including athletes, must complete before gaining admission to The Citadel. Mr. Rice, who came from an active-duty military family, was accepted in 2006, and offered a football scholarship. His enrollment at the college ended during the fall 2008 semester.

As did many colleges in the country, The Citadel revised its admission application process following the tragedy at Virginia Tech. We now require more information from candidates. Additionally, if the director of admissions has any concerns regarding an application, he presents them to me for consideration before final action is taken.

I meet with our coaches every year and I deliver one, simple message: character first, then athletic ability. As someone who played football at The Citadel I understand personally the importance of recruiting and admitting cadet-student-athletes who are up to the challenges they will face on the playing field and in the Corps of Cadets. Unfortunately this system is not foolproof, and there will be students who do not meet our expectations.

The alleged actions of two former students have caused some to question the integrity of the entire Corps. That does a disservice to the fine young men and women who need our support, not condemnation. My job and that of faculty and staff is to help them achieve the standards we expect. Last week I conducted my annual President’s inspection. Although the Corps did not meet my full expectations, I saw effort and improvement from the previous two years.

Our Commandant, Col Leo Mercado, USMC (ret.), is personally dedicated to holding all cadets to the high standards clearly laid out in our regulations. We constantly review our procedures to make sure they reinforce with cadets the importance of holding themselves and others accountable to that standard. If we find a problem we fix it. Our procedures are not perfect; no procedures are. But we are committed to recognizing when there are flaws, and addressing them to improve our results.

I addressed the Corps at lunch today in Coward Hall. I told them what I expected of them, that they will hold themselves and others accountable for meeting the high standards of The Citadel. I also told them all to take a hard look in the mirror and if they aren’t willing to meet our standards that they should leave The Citadel. I also let them know that I am confident they will uphold our college’s values and traditions.

Let’s also not forget that there is much good news here at The Citadel. Take a look at the college’s website, and the website of the athletic department, You will find examples of how our students are succeeding in and out of the classroom. Let me share just a few facts about the football team

The fall semester football team GPA was 2.90 – the overall GPA of the Corps was 2.91.
About 60 of our football players earned a 3.0 or better during the fall semester.

Team member Ryan Keiper, who has earned Gold Stars during each of his seven semesters in the Corps, is a national finalist for a Fulbright research grant.

The NCAA graduation success rate for The Citadel football team was 90%, compared to the national average of just 65 percent.

In closing, the times may change and the world around us may change, but The Citadel’s core values will remain constant. Duty, honor, discipline – some of the core values that make a Citadel education unique and why we all take such pride in this college. We will continue to set the bar high for our cadets and do whatever we can to inspire their success.

Thank you again for all that you do on behalf of The Citadel.”