Baseball/F’ball Spring Practice & Col. Heiser

Well boys, it’s baseball season which means things are looking up on the sports front at El Cid. The Bulldogs won the SoCon title in 2010 but were decimated by the MLB draft and graduation. So much so that on any given day we have three knobs in the starting line up and more as we sub during the game. We SWEPT the AppState Mountaineers over the week end and beat Ball State yesterday 6-4 giving the Dogs a 5 game winning streak and making them 7-5 overall for the season. Knob Joe Jackson from Greenville SC, & yes he is the great-great nephew of the legendary “Shoeless Joe” Jackson, drove in three and Knob starting pitcher Conner Hitchingham went 5 innings to get his first collegiate win. Here was the line up that played most of the weekend and against Ball State last night. This should be the lineup, except for the pitcher’s spot, for the upcoming weekend series (stats do not include Ball State): 1. Nick Orvin JR. RH … 2B … .200 … 5 doubles & 2 FOR 2 in stolen bases 2. Brad Felder …. JR.[RS] … LH …CF … .210 …two of three in Steals. 3. Matt Simonelli… SR,[RS] … RH … SS … .419 … 6 doubles, 3 for 3 in steals 4. Justin Mackert… JR. … RH … 1B … .279 … 5 doubles, 10 RBI and 4 of 6 stolen bases 5. Drew Dekerlegand… Knob… LH … 3B … .390 … 4 doubles, 11 RBI 6. William Ladd… JR.[RS] … RH … RF … .343 BA 7. Joe Jackson… Knob.. LH … DH/C … .462 BA 8. Grant Richards… JR. [RS] … RH … C/DH….261 BA.   

Another very strong Knob pitcher, Hughston Armstrong, a lefty that is only allowing opponents a .167 BA in 3 starts, will be our Friday night starter until further notice. He will be on the mound when Samford comes to town for a weekend series. Hopefully our Knobs will keep hitting and pitching well and supporting our excellent upperclassmen. Needless to say Coach Freddie Jordan has done an excellent job so far but it is early in the season. We have played 12 games and have 44 more to go, not including the SoCon and the NCAA Tourney.

On the football front the word is no news is good news. Spring football is underway with no big controversies or injuries according to my sources. Coach Higgins’ new staff has settled the team down and they look good running the option. Fumbles are “almost nonexistent” according to my source. That is all well and good but spring practice is one thing, regular season games with opponents who want to rip your head off are another. Still, even the experts expect us to be a better team in 2011. If things go according to Hoyle, Ben Dupree will be our starting QB, with Matt Thompson backing him up and getting a lot of playing time while Charlie Company 1st Sgt Fullback Terrell Dallas will lead the running backs. Center Mike Sellers & guard Keith Carter will anchor the O-line. The B’Dog Defense returns (among others) starters DE Chris Billingslea, LB Rod Harland, safety Joseph Boateng and team Captain/Rock LB Tolu Akindele who will graduate in May (in 3 years!) but will return next year while working on his MBA. I know that 2010 was a horrible football year but I am extremely optimistic about this 2011 team!

Gotta go, but before I do you guys from the late 70s & early 90s will remember Major, now Colonel, Joel Heiser. Col. Heiser was, in my opinion, the finest TAC officer Romeo Company had during our tenure. I was surprised on Monday when he stopped by my office. We had a nice visit, reminiscing about old times and catching up. Those of you who knew him will be glad, but not surprised, to know that he is still a straight up, look you in the eye, stand up guy. The good Colonel was Citadel Class of ’62 but he looks a good 10+ years younger. many of you may know his son Dirk who was Oscar Company ’90, who also lives in the Greenville area.

If the good news keeps coming Iwill find the time to post.



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