And here’s why…

A Story by Baird Sanders

My name is Baird Sanders, and I am the President of the Board of Directors of the Florence Crittenton Programs of SC.

First, I would like to tell you a story about a girl named Margaret, who a while back was unwed and pregnant.  Her step father had closed the door on her and was not welcome at her home.  She turned to her minister, and he arranged for her to go to the Florence Crittenton Home after her first trimester.  While living with some family out west, she did receive some information about abortions somewhere in Miami, which were illegal back in the 60’s, and quickly dismissed that information, and eventually made it to the Home.  Back then, the girls had alias names, and she went by the name of Rusty, because of her red hair. She stayed at the home until a baby boy, which she named Baby Ray.  Back then, most babies born from the home were put up for adoption, and Ray was adopted by a couple named Jim and Rosie.  Ray was brought up with a strong work ethic and eventually graduated from The Citadel, married 1 week after graduation, and had 3 beautiful children.  Curiosity eventually caught up with Ray after his father, Jim has passed, and with the blessing of his mother, Rosie, which she always had told Ray that he had been adopted, and his mother was at the Home, was encouraged to do a search for his biological mother. 

 So in 1997, Ray did a search for his biological mother through DSS for a medical search.  DSS provided information, with all the names blacked out, about Rusty and her stay at the Home, and some information after birth.  DSS also provided the names of people who performed searches for a small fee.  Ray selected a woman from the Columbia area, and she located the biological mother.  In fact, the woman who did the search actually went to church with the biological mother’s mother and knew the family.  When Ray received this information, he was cautioned to be patient, and really think about making initial contact with his biological mother.  Once he received her phone number from the searcher and discontinued their call, he immediately dialed her number, which he said he could feel blood pumping up to his ears, in anticipation of his first communication with his mother.

 “Hello, is this Margaret?”

“Yes it is”

“My name is Baird Sanders, and I was born on August 26th, 1963, is this a good time to talk?”

A long pause continued, and then I said:

 “Before we hang up, I only have 2 things that I want to share with you.” “Nothing else.”

Another pause,

“Well ok”

“I just wanted to thank you for your decision, and I am married and have 3 beautiful children and I am doing ok”.   

  To sum up where we are today, Margaret and her family have accepted me into her family, as my family has with hers.  It has been very rewarding putting this piece to my life puzzle into our lives. 

  The bigger story is where I am in my life.  There is not a day that goes by that I feel so blessed that The Florence Crittenton Programs of SC was there for Margaret and my birth.  Where I would I be today if FCP of SC was not there, my adoptive parents, Jim and Rosie Sanders, all the friends that I have made, my wife, my children, etc?

 So now, I am the President of the Board of Directors of FCP of SC and attached is something that I am doing for FCP of SC, which I wanted to share with you, because the feeling that I get while I am training and swimming in the pool for this event, can not be explained in words, because it is coming from my heart.  I feel that I could actually swim TO Key West, instead of just swimming 12.5 miles Around Key West.  I will send you the Swim Pledge form attachment next, as I wanted you to read my story first.

Baird Sanders

Crittenton Baby and Board President

Email:  Cell: 843-303-0119


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