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Football 101, 102 & Suite fever

June 28, 2011

Johnson Hagood Stadium Suite May Become Available

An environmentally-controlled luxury suite at Johnson Hagood Stadium could possibly become available in time for the 2011 football season.  If you have an interest, please contact Associate Athletics Director John McAleer ’72 at 843/953-1354 or email him at


Citadel Women’s Football 101 & 102 Set for July 30

The Citadel Football Association will present the Second Annual Women’s Football Seminar on Saturday, July 30 at Johnson Hagood Stadium. The experience is open to ladies and teenage girls only.  Registration begins at 7:30 am and the event runs from 8:30 am to 3 pm.  Cost is $50 per person. 

First-time attendees to Football 101 will spend the morning going behind-the-scenes with tours of the team’s meeting room, weight room, training and equipment rooms.  Citadel coaches will provide instruction on the basics of the game as well as the option offense that is currently being utilized by the Bulldogs.

Football 102 is only for those who attended the inaugural event last year.  Their morning will be spent getting more in-depth instruction in player positions, walking through plays in addition to offensive and defensive strategies. 

A catered lunch for all attendees will be held in the Altman Athletic Center at the stadium and will feature a tailgate-type menu.  A special program will follow with Kay Higgins, wife of the Bulldogs’ head coach Kevin Higgins. 

New this year will be a “Fall Tailgating Fashion Show” and will feature designs during lunch with stylings from local shops Cache, Coldwater Creek and Palmetto Moon of Towne Center.  After lunch, the group will “hit” the stadium field for a practice that includes running plays, passing and receiving, tackling dummies and the all-important “fun run to the end zone” where one can perform individual touchdown dances.

Goody bags for all attendees contain a T-shirt, a complete football information notebook, a 2011 souvenir schedule poster and two tickets ($50 value) to a Citadel home football game.  At this game, highlights for the seminar will be featured on the stadium’s video board. Last year 54 women enjoyed a memorable time and learned enough about football to impress even their husbands and/or male friends.  

A portion of the seminar is tax deductible as proceeds benefit The Citadel Football Association’s Scholarship through The Citadel Brigadier Foundation. To register, please refer to or call 843/953-5123.


Talley signs with ATL & a new ring on campus.

June 24, 2011

Citadel pitcher Matt Talley has signed with the Atlanta Braves & has been assigned to the Braves affiliate in the Gulf Coast Rookie league.  So far Matt has pitched one inning and gave up no runs but his professional career is in its infancy.  I will keep you posted as his career progresses. 

There was some banter that Citadel basketball star Cameron Wells would get selected in the NBA draft last night.  He did not and will have to catch on as a free agent to make the NBA  but his best chance to play may be in Europe.  We shall see.   

A 6 by 8 foot  replica of the Ring will soon be in place on campus. The ring is being donated by Palmetto Balfour, who currently makes our rings.  Hopefully it will be in place by Parents Weekend and the ring will show a big 11 for the class of 2011.  When the class of 2012 receives their rings, the monument will be changed to 12.  Each year the number will change.  You can read about it here: n/21/very-big-bling-to-adorn-citadel-campus

Want to read a grad’s response to the Newless Courier’s article on hazing?  It is here:

A letter from your President

June 20, 2011

You may have heard about incidents reported in last Sunday’s Post and Courier that do not represent the core values of our institution. 

First and foremost, I want to let you know personally that The Citadel does not tolerate hazing.  Period.  If an upperclass cadet lays a hand on a freshman and is found to have hazed, that cadet will leave the college.  Furthermore, we address aggressively any behavior that threatens the ability of cadets to succeed at The Citadel.

The article noted three incidents that occurred during the 2009-10 academic year.  In one case, physical hazing was found to have occurred, and the cadet found in violation was suspended for one semester.  In another, six cadets were found to have conducted non-physical hazing and were given a significant number of tours and restricted to campus.  After a thorough investigation, no hazing was found to have occurred to the third cadet included in the article. 

The article also refers to a “tradition” of hazing.  We must acknowledge that young people of every generation will sometimes make bad choices.  The culture of the institution is reflected by how it responds to those actions.  All alleged offenses, like those contained in the article, are thoroughly investigated and may require cadets to appear before a disciplinary board that hears evidence and determines what disciplinary and administrative action should be taken.  By our administrative actions we send the clear statement that such behavior will not be tolerated.   

Integral to The Citadel Experience is the Corps of Cadets holding itself to the standards of the college.  I am very proud of the leadership demonstrated by our young men and women who cut their summers short in order to receive extensive leadership training and to train the incoming freshmen class. This includes instruction on hazing, sexual assault/harassment, honor, duty, respect, alcohol and substance abuse, human dignity and leadership development. Additional specialized training is provided to selected cadets, such as senior cadet leaders, the Honor Committee, Human Affairs teams, and cadre, whose duties put them in leadership and mentoring roles.  While these fine young men and women, who do the right thing every day and uphold our standards, don’t get the same press coverage, they surely deserve it, and I commend them.

We are constantly seeking ways to improve our leadership development efforts and in recent years have made changes to which the Corps has responded positively.  All cadets participate in the Leadership Education Program (formerly called Values and Respect), a college-wide initiative to strengthen our character development process within The Citadel Experience.  The year-long weekly program focuses on The Citadel’s Core Values and the concept of respect for oneself and others.

I also want to acknowledge the progress we have made during the tenure of our Commandant of Cadets Col Leo Mercado, USMC (Retired), ’79, who states clearly his expectations:  Meet or exceed the standards and follow the rules – if cadets do not, they will be held accountable.

 As faculty and staff members we also have an obligation to provide an environment conducive to our students’ success.  I ask you to take every opportunity to reinforce with cadets their responsibility to take care of each other and themselves.  We cannot investigate and punish bad behavior, hazing or otherwise, unless we are informed.  Cadets have a duty to report violations of regulations, not the least of which is hazing.  This may not be easy for them, but it is their responsibility and part of becoming a principled leader.

 Finally, I must note that on the same weekend this article appeared, the Board of Visitors approved capturing our college’s core values in three powerful words:  Honor, Duty, Respect.  On any day, the vast majority of our cadets are living these core values and striving to be a credit to the college.  Their many successes are in no small way a result of your hard work and the example you set.  Thank you.


John W. Rosa

Lieutenant General, USAF (Ret)

President, The Citadel



Romeo Co. Award winners + more C.E. Kudos

June 16, 2011

The President’s list and Commandant’s Distinguished Service list have been announced and I am proud to say that a few cadets from Romeo made the list.  They are listed below along with qualifications for the list for those of us who may have forgotten:

President’s list: The President’s List is the most distinguished awards list on which a cadet can be placed. It indicates excellence in academics and military duties.

 Nicholas P. Kostovny 

Commandant’s Distinguished Service list: Cadets named to the Commandant’s List have been made the most positive contributions to their platoon, company, battalion, or staff, and the Corps and The Citadel, during the fall semester.

Tyler N. Weidner
Caleb T. Black
Nicholas P. Kostovny


Civil engineering students place in steel bridge nationals

A Citadel civil engineering team composed of nine students and two advisors, made an impressive showing at the 2011 National Student Steel Bridge Competition sponsored by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) and the American Institute for Steel Construction hosted by Texas A&M University May 20-21.  The Citadel placed 21st in display and 32nd overall in the intercollegiate event, which was attended by 750 civil engineering students.

From a field of 200 colleges and universities across the United States, Canada and Mexico, 48 teams advanced to the national competition.  The steel bridge event, now in its 20th year, is a competition to design and fabricate a 21-foot long steel bridge that supports a test load of 2,500 pounds and withstands rigorous inspection and testing.

The Citadel bridge weighed 440 pounds and was composed of 34 custom fabricated steel members and included 75 bolted connections.  In addition to load testing, assembly of the bridge under stringently timed and monitored conditions was the most crucial aspect of the competition.  The Citadel’s four-member construction team assembled the bridge using specific sequencing, teamwork and a variety of hand tools in 28 minutes. 
“Our students demonstrated tremendous teamwork and represented The Citadel extremely well at this prestigious event.  Placing respectably, 32nd overall, when competing against so many nationally recognized engineering programs was a great accomplishment for our institution,” said Civil Engineering Professor William J. Davis, who serves as the student ASCE chapter advisor.

The Citadel’s bridge was designed and fabricated solely by civil engineering students during the 2010-2011 academic year and was made possible by support from The Citadel Foundation, the School of Engineering and a number of community leaders, including Deer Run Unlimited, Leeds Park Associates, Marks Powdercoating, ADC Engineering, and the Charleston American Society of Military Engineers Chapter.

“The opportunity to work as a team on a technically challenging real-world project and put our design solutions to the test in regional and national competitions was a great learning experience and served to help our team develop a better understanding of the demands of engineering practice,” said Aaron Lee, Citadel Steel Bridge Team co-captain.  

All info provided by the Citadel News Bureau.

CLETIS competes for El Cid

June 15, 2011

Engineering team wins robotics contest’s Rookie of the Year


Being a rookie has its ups and down, but for a group of engineering students, it’s quite a fete. The Citadel’s Team CLETIS recently stunned an international robotics competition by taking the Rookie of the Year award. The students took part in the 19th annual Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition held June 3-6 at Oakland University in Rochester, Mich. The competition is an opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students from around the world to design and build an autonomous ground vehicle capable of completing several difficult challenges.

Matthew Player, Kendall Nowocin, and Nathan Lett of Team CLETIS work on their robot at the Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition. Not pictured is team member Matt Luby.

“Twenty one of the 57 entries from the U.S., Canada, Japan and Europe qualified to compete, of which at least 5 had rookie status. Rookie status is determined by past qualification, so some of the other rookie’ had tried before but this was their first year to qualify,” said John Peeples, head of the electrical and computer engineering department in The Citadel School of Engineering. “Team CLETIS was a true rookie team, this being the first year the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering participated.”

In addition to Rookie of the Year status, Team CLETIS is waiting to hear how the team finished overall in the competition. Team members were Kendall Nowocin, Nathan Lett, Matt Player and Matt Luby. All four graduated from The Citadel Graduate College’s Evening Undergraduate Studies program in May.

The Citadel competed against the likes of Georgia Tech, Johns Hopkins University, the U.S. Naval Academy, Rutgers University, University of Texas and Virginia Tech. Sponsors included several Department of Defense agencies, Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics Land Systems and Joint Ground Robotics Enterprise.

The robot, named CLETIS for Citadel Engineered Traversing Intelligent System, is an autonomous navigation robot. It had to traverse a hilly grassland course spread over an area the size of a football field while making navigational decisions based solely on input from its surroundings. The robot had to navigate the course with no human guidance, while staying in marked lanes and avoiding obstacles.

“These students have spent many long hours and late nights designing, building and programming this amazing robot,” said Mark McKinney, the team’s faculty advisor. “They went toe-to-toe with some outstanding engineering programs, many with years of experience in this particular competition, and once again proved that The Citadel has some of the best electrical engineering students in the nation.”

Achieving excellence in the education of principled leaders

El Cid Tuition & a “quote”

June 14, 2011

The fallout from the Newsless Courier’s article on hazing continues.  Many alums have different opinions but a friend told me of one alum whom he felt said it all. This is an 80’s grad with a son who will soon be a knob.

Newspapers love this stuff. Why don’t they report on all the hazing and BS that occurs in the Frat houses around the state!   I was a knob in 1979 and was never “hazed”.   It was rough and I kept a sense of humor about it.   We got punched and messed with, but it was all in fun – We sure didn’t go cry about it.   However, we alumni do not need to make our experiences sound like it was like a Japanese POW camp.   I’ve listened to alumni “brag” about stuff that I know was bull shit.  They were doing it to sound tough around other people.    My son will be a knob this fall and I’ve told him about people like that and told him how to make it like I did – do what you are supposed to do, be faithful to your classmates, do not take it personally, have a sense of humor, and make good grades.”

In my opinion, his point about frat hazing is well taken.  My brother-in-law was a frat boy at the dreaded Furman University.  He tells stories of how he was hazed and those in the know will tell you it happens today in many frat houses around the nation.  It is not The Citadel or its military environment that is the cause of hazing, it is us.  That is my two cents as one of us, the male of the species.  And lest I be classified as a sexist, the ladies in the sororities do their hazing, perhaps not as badly or the same as men, but believe me it does occur.  Let me reiterate that from my standpoint none of this makes hazing, which occurs at most if not every school, OK.   Let us now drop this talk of hazing, let the school & Commandant do their job and move on……

Now to a few other things, like the cost of attending The Citadel….

Board of Visitors approves lowest tuition increase in a decade

 The Citadel Board of Visitors on Saturday approved an in-state college tuition and fees increase that is the lowest in 11 years. Tuition will rise 3.5 percent for in-state students and 9 percent for out-of-state students for the 2011-2012 academic year. “We face a balancing act – keep costs as low as possible without undermining the integrity of a Citadel education,” said Thomas J. Elzey, executive vice president for finance, administration and operations. “With this budget The Citadel is moving forward to ensure our capacity to provide the high quality academic and leadership experience our students, families and alumni expect.”

The Board of Visitors voted at its regular meeting Saturday morning. State mandatory tuition and fees will increase as follows:

South Carolina Corps of Cadets 

  • From $9,871 to $10,216 for in-state cadets
  • From $24,800 to $27,033 for out-of-state cadets

Citadel Graduate College

  • $460 to $501 a credit hour for in-state graduate students
  • $756 to $824 a credit our for out-of-state graduate students
  • $365 to $398 a credit hour for in-state evening undergraduate students
  • $640 to $698 a credit hour for out-of-state evening undergraduate students

The tuition and fees increase will support advancing The Citadel’s strategic plan called The Blueprint, as well fund increases in the cost of operating the college and offset the state appropriation reduction. The tuition and fees change for 2011-2012 includes a slight increase in the cost of board due to rising food costs and athletic and leadership program fees. Because of the unique requirements in the Corps of Cadets undergraduate program, many costs that parents would pay over the course of a school year at other colleges and universities are paid up front at The Citadel.

The “all-in” cost includes such things as room, board, laundry/dry cleaning, infirmary use and costs for uniforms, books and living expenses like haircuts and toiletries. These are mandatory costs because all cadets are required to live on campus and all cadets are required to purchase their uniforms their freshman year. And because cadets do not leave campus as often as other college students do, certain services like an infirmary and laundry and dry cleaning are provided on campus.

The “all-in” cost to enroll in the Corps of Cadets will be: 

In State
Freshmen: $23,884 ($22,949)
Sophomores: $19,818 ($18,833)
Juniors: $19,818, ($18,783)
Seniors: $19,718 ($18,783)
(Numbers in parenthesis are 2010-2011)

Freshman: $40,701 ($37,878)
Sophomores:$36,635 ($33,812) 
Juniors: $36,635 ($33,712) 
Seniors: $36,535 ($33,712)
(Numbers in parenthesis are 2010-2011)

This represents an average “all-in” cost increase of 4.8 percent for in-state cadets and 8.2 percent for out-of-state cadets.

Information provided by The Citadel

New Compliance Director Named (from

The Citadel Athletics Department announced Thursday that Buddy Wellman will be the school’s new compliance coordinator. Wellman replaces Alex Eaton who left in early spring to accept a similar position at the University of Maryland.

Wellman joins The Citadel staff after spending the last seven years as the Coordinator of Student Services at the University of Florida where he served as the contact with the NCAA Eligibility Center, financial services and admissions offices. He also monitored admissibility for prospective student-athletes, coordinated processing of all scholarship award letters and National Letters of Intent and created and maintained squad lists, team and individual scholarship totals and participation lists. “We are excited about the hiring of Buddy Wellman. Buddy is experienced in both the areas of compliance and academic services, and will be a tremendous resource for our student-athletes, coaches and administrators,” said Director of Compliance Rob Acunto.

Prior to his stint at Florida, Wellman worked as a football recruiting assistant at Southern Methodist, a compliance intern at the University of California and was a staff accountant at Del Webb California Corporation.  Wellman earned a bachelor of science degree in accounting from the University of Redlands (CA), where he lettered in football and baseball. He also has a master of education degree from Azusa Pacific University (CA).


Bad publicity over hazing + sports info

June 13, 2011

The Citadel’s Matt Talley was selected by the Atlanta Braves on Tuesday with the 866th overall pick in the 28th round of the 2011 Major League Baseball Draft.

After being drafted by the Arizona Diamondbacks in the 25th round of the 2010 MLB Draft, Talley (Sumter, S.C.) elected to return to school for his senior season and complete his civil engineering degree. He leaves The Citadel ranked fifth all-time in career innings pitched with 300.0 and in career starts with 48.

Chuck Driesell announced the addition of former Citadel standout guard Kevin Hammack as a graduate assistant for the 2011-12 season. Hammack replaces former Director of Basketball Operations, Justin Argenal, who accepted a position in the same capacity at Louisiana Tech University. The graduate assistant position at The Citadel will allow Hammack to focus on the creation of The Citadel Basketball Players Association, travel plans and other game operation responsibilities for the 2011-12 season. He will also coordinate upcoming Chuck Driesell Basketball Camps.

Put 2013 on your football travel schedule.  While the dates have not been published the Gridiron Dogs will travel to Clemson and East Carolina to play money games.

 The Citadel takes it on the chin again…..for hazing.

Yesterday’s Newsless Courier raked us over the coals again for hazing incidents at The Citadel.  I know many of us were hazed but that doesn’t make it right.  Things like this make recruitment tough when times are economically difficult, especially if the article gets picked up by a wire service and is shown in multiple media outlets.   I am not going to post the article on the blog but will give you the link so you can read it. One final thing; let’s remember that the vast majority of cadet leadership do not haze but it only takes one or two to give us a bad name. Here it is:

Summer league & Minor leaguer update

June 6, 2011

“Seven Bulldogs Set to Take Part in Summer Ball, Altman Jumps to AA

Charleston, S.C. – Seven members of The Citadel baseball team began playing in various summer leagues across the state this week.

Austin Pritcher (Charleston, S.C.), the Southern Conference Pitcher of the Month in February and Joe Jackson (Mauldin, S.C.), who was recently named to the SoCon All-Freshman team, will be playing together this summer with the Columbia Blowfish of the Coastal Plains League. Pritcher picked up the win for the Blowfish in their season opener, firing 5.0 innings and allowing two runs, two hits, two walks and struck out six at Gastonia. Jackson is hitting .400 with three RBI in the first two games of the season.

After seeing his first action with the Bulldogs in May 2011, Ryan Hines (Hanahan, S.C.) will play for the Spartanburg Spartans in the Southern Collegiate Baseball League. In the same league, Logan Cribb (Rock Hill, S.C.) will be playing for the Carolina Stingers near home in Fort Mill for the summer.

A trio of Bulldogs who just completed their freshman year at The Citadel will be playing together on the North Charleston Dixie Majors as Bryce Hines (Hanahan, S.C.), Ryan Kilgallen (Goose Creek, S.C.) and Hughston Armstrong (Columbia, S.C.) team up to play together.

Minor League Update

Dallas McPherson (Randleman, N.C.) recently saw his first action in the major leagues since 2008 in May when his contract was bought by the Chicago White Sox. McPherson saw action in 11 games, scoring a run and picking up a pair of hits before being reassigned back to the Charlotte Knights, the AAA-affiliate of the White Sox, where he hit .305 with 17 runs, 36 hits, nine doubles, three homers, 12 walks and 17 RBI before being called up.

After staying down for extended spring training, the wait paid off this week for former Bulldog Bryan Altman (Summerville, S.C.) as he was called up the San Antonio Missions, the AA-affiliate of the San Diego Padres in the Texas League. He has seen action in four games this week and is slated to play against an old teammate from The Citadel this weekend as Chris Swauger (Tampa, Fla.) and the Springfield Cardinals, the AA-affiliate of St. Louis are scheduled to play a three-game set.

Swauger is hitting .287 with 15 runs scored, four doubles, three homers, 11 walks and 13 RBI in 35 games so far in 2011. In the Carolina League with the Myrtle Beach Pelican, the Class-A Advanced affiliation of Texas, Chris McGuiness (Charleston, S.C.) is hitting .282 with 10 runs, six doubles, 12 walks, a homer and 10 RBI, but is currently on the disabled list having last seen action on May 13.

Matt Crim (Charleston, S.C.) has moved back to the Lynchurg Hillcats, the Class-A Advanced affiliate of Atlanta after getting a promotion and making three starts for the Mississippi Braves in AA. Despite 10 strikeouts in 11.0 innings of work, Crim went 0-2 with an ERA of 5.56. In Lynchburg, Crim has started and seen action out of the bullpen in 10 total appearances.

In his first four starts of the 2011 season, Asher Wojceichowski (Sturgis, Mich.) found a great deal of success with the Dunedin Blue Jays, the Class-A Advanced affiliate of Toronto. The former Bulldog then hit a rough patch in four out of five starts, but put on perhaps the best performance of his minor league career in his most recent start on May 29 at St. Lucie when he hurled a career-high 7.0 innings, allowing just two hits, a walk and struck out seven in the win.

Continuing to find success with the Peoria Chiefs, the Class-A affiliate of the Chicago Cubs is Richard Jones (Sumter, S.C.) who is batting .320 with 21 runs, 54 hits, 15 doubles, eight homers, 28 RBI and 93 total bases. Jones has recorded a hit in 10 of his last 11 games with six of those being multi-hit contests.”



2011 Baseball Recruits – Will 13 be our Lucky number?

June 2, 2011

Coach Jordan has finalized his recruiting for the upcoming season.  He added seven players this spring to the six he signed in January giving El Cid 13 recruits for the school year 2011-2012.  Here is what had to say about the recruits, all 13 of them.

“The new additions feature three infielders, an outfielder, a catcher and two pitchers. They join Kevin Connell, James Reeves, Bailey Rush, Bo Thompson, Brett Tompkins and Connor Walsh who were announced in Januaryto start in the fall.

Fall 2011 Additions

Michael Cetta
6-0  |  190  |  Miami, Fla. (Miami Palmetto HS)

Highlights: Four-year letterman…10-2 with an ERA of 2.10, 130 strikeouts in 98.0 career innings… named to 2011 Florida Coaches Association All-Star team… named preseason 2011 Under Armour All-American… named to 2011 Battle Down South All-Tournament team.

Fred Jordan Comments: “Michael is another late addition that we are excited about. He is a fierce competitor that can be utilized as a starter or a reliever. We look for Michael to compete immediately.”

Mason Davis
5-9  |  160 |  Conyers, Ga. (Redan HS)

Highlights: Four-year letterman….340 average with 21 steals….received Gold Glove Award at Rockies Summer Camp… selected to Georgia High School All-Star Game.

Fred Jordan Comments: “We expect Mason to provide immediate help to our middle infield needs. He is a switch-hitter with speed that will add quality defensive prowess.”

Hayden Hendry
6-2  |  180  |  Clover, S.C. (Clover HS)

Highlights: Four-year letterman…holds Clover HS record for most career hits and extra base hits…four-year All-Region winner….376 batting average with seven home runs in his career.

Fred Jordan Comments: “We expect Hayden to battle for a spot in our outfield with the departure of our graduating seniors. His athleticism and leadership qualities are exciting.”

Zach Sherrill
6-3  |  215  |  Sumter, S.C. (Wilson Hall)

Highlights: Four-year letterman…an all-region and all-state selection in 2011… team won 3A SCISA State Championship in 2011… batting average of .467 with nine home runs and 42 RBI in 2011… team won 2010 Legion State Championship… selected to the SCISA All-Star Game.

Fred Jordan Comments: “Zach comes from a tradition rich program where we have landed some great players in the past. We love his versatility and expect him to turn into a really nice ball players for us.”

Corey Smith
5-10  |  180  |  Concord, N.C. (Concord HS)

Highlights: Earned all-conference honors as three-year letterman… switch hitter with a career average of .350, six homers, two grand slams, 19 doubles and 40 RBI.

Fred Jordan Comments: “Corey landed on our radar late in the spring and we are very excited to add a quality switch-hitting bat that can catch this late in the recruiting stage.”

Johnathan Stokes
5-9  |  160  |  Cheraw, S.C. (Cheraw HS)

Highlights: Earned all-region honors all four years and was selected to the all-state team three times… two-time team MVP…Gold Glove recipient… career batting average of .450 with 23 home runs and 80 RBI… selected to play in North/South Senior All-Star Game.

Fred Jordan Comments: “Johnathan is a middle infielder with a good bat that will add to our middle infield needs. We like his toughness and expect him to be a quality contributor in our program.”

Ross White
5-10  |  180  |  Marion, S.C. (Marion HS)

Highlights: Four-year letterman…named to all-region and all-state teams in 2010…participated on region and district championship team in 2009… record of 17-8… selected to play in North/South Senior All-Star Game.

Fred Jordan Comments: “Ross had an outstanding senior season to go along with a solid career. We expect him to develop into a quality performer.”

Recruits  signed in January were:

Kevin Connell
6-3  |  215  |  Gray, Tenn. (Daniel Boone HS)

Highlights: Four-year letterman in football, basketball and baseball… Under-Armour All-American… All-Region and All-Conference player in Tennessee… rated as No. 390 in best prospect list by Perfect Game and No. 6 best prospect in state of Tennessee by Perfect Game.

Fred Jordan Comments: “Kevin is a hard throwing left-handed pitcher from Tennessee. We are very excited about his future and expect him to contribute right away. Also, he is a left-handed hitting first baseman.”

James Reeves
6-2  |  175  |  Summerville, S.C. (Ashley Ridge HS)

Highlights: Two-year letterman…2.40 ERA…60 K…rated No. 7 in best left-handed pitchers in state of South Carolina by Diamond Prospects.

Fred Jordan Comments: “James is a local left-handed pitcher from Ashley Ride High School in Summerville. We think James’ best days are ahead of him. We like his project ability and expect him to bring depth to our pitching staff from the left side. He should continue to improve with added strength.”

Bailey Rush
6-0  |  175  |  West End, N.C. (Pinehurst HS)
Highlights: Earned all-conference honors as three-year letterman… team ranked second in the state.

Fred Jordan Comments: “Bailey is a middle infielder from North Carolina with good skills and a good makeup. He works very hard at his game and plays with a lot of energy. We are excited about Bailey, he fits into our style of play here at The Citadel.”

Bo Thompson
5-10  |  235  |  Mauldin, S.C. (J.L. Mann HS)
Highlights: Three-year letterman… earned all-region, all-county and all-state honors… hit 14 home runs in junior year…team was region champions… rated No. 5 in best first baseman prospects in the state of South Carolina by Diamond Prospects.

Fred Jordan Comments: “Bo is a very good hitter and we are excited about his future here at The Citadel. He is projected to be a middle of the lineup hitter and drive in runs. Bo is a first baseman and a designated hitter.”

Brett Tompkins
6-6  |  245  |  Greer, S.C. (Riverside HS)
Highlights: Three-year letterman… 7-1 record with four saves and an ERA of 1.64 in last two seasons… team ranked in top five in state as two-time region champions… rated No. 12 in best right-handed pitchers in the state of South Carolina by Diamond Prospects.

Fred Jordan Comments: “Brett is a big, physical right-handed pitcher from Riverside High School. He has good velocity and a good breaking ball now, but should continue to improve and develop with added strength.”

Connor Walsh
6-3  |  185  |  Jupiter, Fla. (Jupiter HS)
Highlights: Three-year letterman… went 6-1 with an ERA of 2.51 and 56K in junior year… Batted .379 with .600 slugging percentage.

Fred Jordan Comments: “Connor is a good two-way player. Outfielder with a nice left-handed swing and we look for him to continue to improve on the mound and provide some left-handed depth.”

For more information on Bulldog Baseball and The Citadel Athletics, visit”

R Co. Alum does us proud!

June 1, 2011

“Jackson Receives Distinguished Service Award

Jesse B. Jackson (second from right) received the 2011 Distinguished Service Award from the Southern Conference.
Jesse B. Jackson (second from right) received the 2011 Distinguished Service Award from the Southern Conference.

Charleston, S.C. –The Southern Conference announced today that Jesse B. Jackson is one of the 12 recipients of the league’s 2011 Distinguished Service Award. Each member institution selects an honoree based on that person’s contribution to the institution. Each award winner will be honored for their contributions at the Southern Conference Honors Dinner in Charleston, S.C., on June 1.

 A native of rural Hickory Tavern, S.C., Jackson was the first in his family to earn a college degree when he graduated from The Citadel in 1980.  Following his father’s advice of “play sports, get involved, but do well in class first,” Jackson has always had a great admiration for the student-athletes who are able to succeed on the field and in the classroom.  With his loyalty to his alma mater, Jackson donated $1 million to The Citadel for football and baseball scholarships.  In 2010, Jackson was presented with the Society 1842 medal, celebrating his generosity by inducting him into The Citadel’s most prestigious lifetime giving society.

The Distinguished Service Award program was started in 2002 as a way for the Southern Conference to recognize those individuals from its member institutions who have contributed to all aspects of the university.”

Congratulations to Jess from all your R COmpadres!!!