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Most decorated Citadel graduate of World War II is focus of new documentary

August 30, 2013


Col. Ted Bell, Citadel '42   Our most decorated alumni

Col. Ted Bell, Citadel ’42


By Carolyn Click, The State (Columbia, SC)

Printed in the Greenville News 8/29/13


Retired Col. Ted Bell became The Citadel’s most decorated World War II veteran for his valor in holding a rugged ridge on the Pacific island of Okinawa, but the deaths of so many of his men in his Easy Company of the 77th Infantry Division weighed on his mind as the decades passed. “It was hard on him when he was by himself,” his wife, Mary Hill Bell, said Wednesday at the premiere of an S.C. ETV documentary on the 93-year-old Bell.

But holding the place near Ishimmi Ridge over a tortuous three days of combat proved to be a decisive moment in the war in the Pacific, puncturing a hole in the Japanese’s Shuri Line and clearing the way for the United States to win the island and use it for the planned invasion of Japan. Two months later, Japan surrendered after the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The story of Bell and Ishimmi Ridge is told in “Man and Moment: Ted Bell and The Ridge,” the third in the “Man and Moment” series developed by the ETV Endowment of South Carolina. It airs at 8 p.m. Thursday ” and Sept. 1 at 4 p.m. on ETV-HD and again Sept. 4 at 8 p.m. on the South Carolina Channel. The film is part of the South Carolinians in World War II project, a partnership between the ETV Endowment and The State Media Co.

The documentary recounts how Bell, a 1942 graduate of The Citadel, marched off to war along with his entire class, training at Fort Jackson, in Arizona and in California before heading to the Pacific.

On Okinawa, Bell, then a 25-year-old second lieutenant, received orders to take his company up to the top of the ridge and hold it at all costs. He led a company of more than 200 soldiers single file in darkness on May 17, 1945, his second wedding anniversary. When they topped the ridge, they discovered a line of Japanese holed up in trenches and caves. After hand-to-hand fighting, the company claimed the ridge. But for the next three days, they came under withering mortar and sniper fire from the Japanese, losing man after man.

“I didn’t think any one of us would be alive by noon,” Bell said Wednesday. After three days with dwindling rations and no water, reinforcements finally arrived, but only 22 of his men marched back to the base with him.   War weary and distraught over the loss of so many men, he demanded to know whether the sacrifice had been worth it. His commanding officer assured him the action was necessary in the Allies’ winning of the Battle of Okinawa, the last major battle of World War II.

Bell, who earned the Distinguished Service Cross for his leadership on Ishimmi Ridge and fought in both Korea and Vietnam, returned to Okinawa earlier this year. He was accompanied by his son Ted Bell Jr., also a Citadel graduate(’70), producer and State reporter Jeff Wilkinson and director Wade Sellers, a Columbia filmmaker. The place that was dirt and sand in 1945 is now an urbanized island and Bell could hardly recognize where he had been nearly 68 years earlier.

But one thing Bell wanted to see was the ridge, and with the help of two young Marines who searched for the hilltop, Bell was able to return to the place of such terrible battle. The documentary shows his emotion as he contemplated the memory of those who had fought with him.

“It was transformational for Ted,” said Wilkinson, who covers the military for The State. “He had nightmares about the battle for years and even though he would never mention it, he always wondered why he survived when so many of his men didn’t. Going back gave him some peace.”  John Rainey, who along with Elaine T. Freeman, is an executive producer of the films, said Bell can “live in certain knowledge” that his actions led to a swifter end to the war and the saving of thousands of lives.

Bell’s family members attended the premiere along with one of the men who held the ridge with him, Joe Casillas, who traveled from California with his son to attend the premiere. The Military Channel has featured Casillas in a chapter of its Ultimate Warfare series, “Okinawa: Island Fortress.” Bell said he and Casillas are among only three veterans of the ridge who are alive today.


Citadel hopes to build on momentum

August 30, 2013

The Associated Press

The Spartanburg Herald Journal Published: Wednesday, August 28, 2013 at 1:00 p.m.

CHARLESTON — The Citadel coach Kevin Higgins felt like his program was ready to break through in the Southern Conference a few years earlier before discovering he had to rebuild and revamp his offense. This time with the overhaul complete, Higgins believes the Bulldogs are ready to capitalize on last year’s success and return to the top of the league. “You like to have that kind of pressure,” Higgins said.

The Citadel took a big step forward last season in going 7-4, its first winning record since 2007. After two seasons of adjustments, the Bulldogs offense clicked in 2012 to finish fourth in the nation at more than 300 yards a game. The Citadel also knocked off SoCon powers Appalachian State and Georgia Southern to put itself in the hunt for its first NCAA playoff berth in nearly two decades.

Five things to watch as Citadel competes for the SoCon title:

1: DUPREE IN CONTROL: The Citadel quarterback Ben Dupree was the team’s second-leading rusher a season ago and expects to kick things up a notch this year.

2: BIG UP FRONT: Offensive line could be The Citadel’s strongest position this fall. The group features five, fifth-year seniors.

3: IN GOOD HANDS: Fullback Darien Robinson returns after rushing for 1,021 yards last season, the Bulldogs first 1,000yard back in five years.

4: LOOKING FOR D: The Bulldogs are without all-Southern Conference end Chris Billingslea. But The Citadel’s secondary returns starting cornerbacks Brandon McCladdie and Sadath Jean-Pierre.

5: TOUGH STRETCH: The Bulldogs play SoCon powers Wofford, Appalachian State and Georgia Southern all before Oct. 19.

Citadel third-team QB Trey White leaves squad

August 29, 2013

Posted on August 28, 2013 by Jeff Hartsell

The Citadel got a bit of bad news this week when third-team quarterback Trey White left school for personal reasons.

White, a 6-0, 200-pound redshirt freshman from Atlanta, often earned praise from coach Kevin Higgins while redshirting last year, but had a quiet preseason camp. He was No. 3 on the depth chart behind starter Ben Dupree and backup Aaron Miller, and was likely going to play only in mop-up situations, or if someone got hurt.

The most immediate impact of White’s departure is in the punt return game, where the Bulldogs had been planning for Dupree to get some time returning punts. Without White, it seems less likely that The Citadel would risk their starting QB on punt returns. That means slotback Vinny Miller is likely to return most punts.

The Bulldogs also will need a third-team QB. One possibility is to dress true freshman Cam Jackson as an emergency QB and hope that he is not forced into action so that he can redshirt this season. Scout-team QB Dane Anderson also could be used in emergencies.


Bulldog Football on the Radio

August 29, 2013

Posted on August 28, 2013 by Jeff Hartsell on Bulldog Bites

Some info on hearing about Citadel football on the radio this season:

– The game-day radio crew of Danny Reed, Walt Nadzak, Josh Baker and Lee Glaze is back this season. Here’s where to find them on the radio dial on Saturdays:

CHARLESTON     1450 AM WQNT (flagship station)
CHARLESTON     910 AM WTMZ (select broadcasts ONLY)
COLUMBIA         1470 AM WQXL
COLUMBIA         95.9 FM WQXL
SUMTER            1240 AM WDXY
SUMTER            105.9 FM WDXY
FLORENCE         1230 AM WOLH
FLORENCE          98.9 FM WOLH
LAKE CITY         1260 AM WHYM

– Also, Jon Rawl’s Citadel Grayline radio show/podcast (featuring your humble correspondent) also is back for its sixth season. Here’s where and when to find it on the radio:

CITADEL GRAYLINE Affiliate List [City, Station, Airtime]

Aiken: WAAW-FM 94.7 (Saturdays, 7 a.m.)
Barnwell: WDOG-AM 1460 (Fridays, 5 p.m.)

Charleston: WQNT-AM 1450 (Saturdays, 10 a.m.)

Columbia: WDEK-AM 1170 (Saturdays, 7 a.m.)

Georgetown: WGTN-AM 1400 (Saturdays, 9 a.m.)

Greenville: WLFJ-FM 92.9 (Saturdays, 10 a.m.)

Orangeburg: WORG-FM 100.3 (Saturdays, 9 a.m.)

Spartanburg: WLFJ-AM 660 (Saturdays, 10 a.m.)

Citadel Grayline is also on iTunes and at

– The Kevin Higgins radio call-in show with Danny Reed is set for 7 p.m. on Wednesdays starting next week on 910-AM.



Allen returns with a vengeance

August 29, 2013

SteelersPlayerCards_28_Allen_CortezPosted Aug 26, 2013

Teresa Varley

Cornerback Cortez Allen returned to the lineup for the first time in the preseason against the Kansas City Chiefs, and he did so with a vengeance.

Allen was sidelined for most of training camp and the first two preseason games with a knee injury that required minor surgery, but returned to the field with the attacking, physical style that is expected from Steelers’ defenders.

“When you have Ryan Clark and Troy (Polamalu) back there and linebackers that don’t mind hitting anything moving, you have to take on that personality even if we do play corner,” said Ike Taylor . “When you see those guys put their face in the fan every play, it makes you want to do it. It rubs off.”

Citadel football: Senior players have been waiting for this season

August 27, 2013



The Bulldogs have been waiting for the 2013 season to begin.

The Bulldogs have been waiting for the 2013 season to begin.


By Jeff Hartsell, the Charleston Post & Courier 8/26/13

After watching his team give up one touchdown and just 245 yards at Georgia Southern — and lose anyway, 13-6 — Citadel football coach Kevin Higgins knew things had to change.   “We’ve got to take a hard look at what we’re doing,” Higgins said after that loss on Nov. 21, 2009, which ended his fifth season at The Citadel with a 4-7 record.  That was the first public indication that Higgins, who had made his name at Lehigh University with pass-happy spread offenses, would turn to the run-first triple option.

Higgins criss-crossed the country that winter, searching for players who could run the option — fleet-footed quarterbacks, hard-charging fullbacks, versatile slotbacks and smaller, more agile linemen. He found quarterback Ben Dupree and fullback Darien Robinson in Pennsylvania and beat Wofford for running back Terrance Martin out of Cowan, Tenn. Running back Dalton Trevino came from Georgia, and Matt Thompson was a quarterback before becoming a receiver in the triple option. The offense also allowed Higgins to plug quick-footed big guys — tight ends Cullen Brown and Devin Bice, defensive lineman Keith Carter — into his offensive line, even if they weren’t 6-6 and 310 pounds.

The transition was not smooth. The Bulldogs fumbled 44 times while going 3-8 in 2010, and improved slightly to 4-7 in 2011. Last year’s 7-4 mark was a breakthrough, the Bulldogs’ second winning season in eight years under Higgins. But this is the season the seniors in that first “option class” have been waiting for. “There’s been some trying times in the past,” Thompson said. “But I feel like we’ve gained experience and knowledge of the offense. Now, we expect to showcase what we’ve learned.”  Said Robinson, “It’s been a building process since we got here. We feel like this is the year we’re going to put it together.”

Circumstances have conspired to help the Bulldogs, as well. Perennial Southern Conference powers Georgia Southern and Appalachian State are ineligible for the FCS playoffs and SoCon title this year as they transition to FBS and the Sun Belt.  That makes the SoCon title chase wide open — and Bulldogs fans expect their team to be right in the middle of it, along with Chattanooga, Samford and Wofford, which shared the championship with GSU and App State last season.

Higgins, 38-51 at The Citadel, has tried to put the brakes on happy talk with his motto of “1-0.” “Expectations for the season are high,” he said. “And they should be. But people get caught up in talking about game No. 2 (Wofford), or Georgia Southern or App State. We want our guys to stay focused on the first game, and even more importantly on each practice. Just stay in the moment.”

With a senior-stuffed backfield and offensive line, and an experienced backup QB in junior Aaron Miller, most of the Bulldogs’ questions come down to filling holes. Can sophomore Sam Frye make up for departed All-American Mike Sellers at center? Can sophomore James Riley and freshman Tevin Floyd carry the load for linebacker Carson Smith, lost in the preseason to a dislocated ankle? And can anyone approximate the skill of all-SoCon punter Cass Couey?

And then there is the question Citadel fans really want answered: Can the Bulldogs snap a 14-game losing streak to Wofford? A win in that game would signal that the Bulldogs are at last ready to challenge for their first league title since 1992. “No question,” Higgins said when asked if this was the most confident he’s felt at The Citadel. “The way we’ve prepared, the depth we have now, it’s more than we’ve ever had. But, this league is much better than it’s been before. “We still have to play Georgia Southern and App State, and those games count. Chattanooga and Samford, they are not the teams they were four years ago. They are on the verge of being top 10 teams in the FCS. So it won’t be easy.”

2013 Bulldog season buy the numbers + the schedule

August 27, 2013


HEAD COACH: Kevin Higgins, 38-51 in eight seasons at The Citadel; 94-76-1 in 15 seasons overall

LAST YEAR: 7-4 overall (5-3 SoCon)




IMPACT PLAYERS: QB Ben Dupree, FB Darien Robinson, LG Keith Carter, RT Cullen Brown, DT Derek Douglas, LB Carl Robinson, CB Sadath Jean-Pierre, CB Brandon McCladdie.

QUESTION MARKS: The two biggest holes to fill are those left by All-American center Mike Sellers and all-SoCon punter Cass Couey. Sophomore Sam Frye (5-10, 270) is plugged into Sellers’ spot, and one of Will Vanvick, Eric Goins or Austin Jordan will take over for Couey. Another hole opened up when all-SoCon linebacker Carson Smith broke his ankle in preseason practice; sophomore James Riley showed last year he’s ready for more snaps. In order to make a run at the SoCon title, the Bulldogs must improve their run defense and find a way to snap a 14-game losing streak against Wofford.




3.8 — Penalties per game last year, lowest in FCS

21 — Years since back-to-back winning seasons

7.2 — Yards per carry for FB Darien Robinson in 2012

14 — Straight losses to Wofford


2013 Citadel Schedule ( in case you forgot!)

Date / Opp. / Time

Aug. 31 / Charleston Southern / 6 p.m.

Sept. 7 / Wofford / 6 p.m,

Sept. 14  / at Western Carolina / 3:30 p.m.

Sept. 21 / at Old Dominion / 6 p.m.

Sept. 28 / Furman / 6 p.m.

Oct. 5 / Appalachian State / 2 p.m.

Oct. 12 / at Georgia Southern / 1 p.m.

Oct. 26 / at Chattanooga / 2 p.m.

Nov. 2 / Samford / 2 p.m.

Nov. 9 / at Elon / 1:30 p.m.

Nov. 16 / VMI / 1 p.m.

Nov. 23 / at Clemson / TBA

Giants receivers impress in Cruz’s absence

August 23, 2013
Bulldog Alum Kevin Hardy may become a Giant.

Bulldog Alum Kevin Hardy may become a Giant.

Former Bullldog Star has a chance at making the NY Football Giant Roster

  • By PAUL SCHWARTZ, The New York Post
  • Last Updated: 5:10 AM, August 23, 2013


With Victor Cruz on the mend with a bruised heel, the Giants need a new slot receiver, at least for the last two preseason games. That position behind Cruz hasn’t been overly impressive this summer but yesterday was a good day for Jerrel Jernigan and Kevin Hardy in the final practice of training camp.

Hardy, a first-year player from the Citadel, had a costly drop in the preseason game against the Colts but showed his downfield speed yesterday. He ended the session by running past Aaron Ross and Stevie Brown to haul in a long pass from Eli Manning, probably his most impressive moment this summer.

Earlier, Hardy allowed a pinpoint pass from Manning to slip through his hands after he had beaten Jayron Hosley. Hardy came back to secure a throw from Curtis Painter deep over the middle, getting behind Laron Scott and David Caldwell.

Jernigan missed time in camp with a strained hamstring and, although he says he is not 100 percent, he said he is healthy enough to practice and play Saturday against the Jets. He caught a pass from Manning in the two-minute drill.

Jernigan hasn’t done much in his first two seasons and the Giants continue to wait for their 2011 third-round draft pick out of Troy to show something other than flashes.

“We’ve always looked forward to having Jerrel based on the things that we saw when he was in college,’’ Tom Coughlin said. “Yeah, there’s been some frustration. This is definitely a setback with the hamstring issue because, quite frankly, he’s had some very good days at practice. Hopefully, he’s had enough where he’ll play well in the game on the weekend and come through it strong and give us some more options.’’


The record-breaking Class of 2017: a profile

August 22, 2013
They were born in 1995, and they have never had the chicken pox. Getting a cell phone and a Skype account were bigger milestones than a driver’s license and a car. They have always been able to plug into USB ports, and they’ve never needed directions—just an address.* The class of 2017 reported Saturday, Aug. 17, 781 cadets strong—the largest class in 55 years—to begin their four-year leadership journey.This year marks the seventh consecutive year that the military college has matriculated more than 700 freshmen, and with 2,958 applications, it is the fifth year the college has broken all previous application records. Here’s a closer look at the Class of 2017: 

Largest class in 55 yrs: 781
Record number of total apps: 2,958
Record number of women’s apps: 358
Record number of Hispanic apps: 281
Record number of Af-Am apps: 373
Record number of Minority apps: 906

Total applications 2,958
Total matriculants 781
U.S. States represented 40
Top 9 states S.C., N.C., Ga., Fla., Va. and N.J., Texas, Md., Calif. and Penn, Ohio
Foreign countries 6
Percentage of transfers 54 (7 percent)
Percentage from high school 727 (93 percent)
Women 43 (6 percent)
African American 54 (7 percent)
Total minority 165 (21 percent)
International students 8 (1 percent)
S.C. residents 406 (52 percent)
Out-of-state/international 375 (48 percent)
Average SAT score 1074 (100 percent of entering freshmen with SAT scores)
Above 1100 169 (38 percent)
Up to 1090 275 (62 percent)
Average high school GPA 3.51
Top 25 percent of high school class 188 (33 percent)
Most subscribed majors  
Business Administration 148
Civil & Environmental Engin 128
Criminal Justice 114
History 62
Biology 57
Political Science 57
Electrical Engineering 53
Health, Exercise & SS 48
Computer Science 37


*Reference: The Beloit College 2017 Mindset List

Brian White Leads Bulldogs to 65-57 Victory over Fanshawe College

August 22, 2013


London, Ontario, Canada – The Citadel completed its three-game tour through Canada by defeating Fanshawe College 65-57 despite not having starting point guard Marshall Harris III and favorable floor conditions due to the high level of humidity.

Forward Brian White came off the bench to score 15 points and completed his impressive three-game performance with 34 points and 11 rebounds. Ashton followed his 26-point last night with 12 points, hitting 6-of-13 from the floor, to go along with nine rebounds, five steals and four assists.

In addition to the play of White and Moore, Matt Van Scyoc scored 14 points after hitting 7-of-13 from the field.

The Bulldogs controlled the glass, outrebounding Fanshawe by a 47-31 margin, highlighted by a nine-rebound effort by Moore. Redshirt sophomore Dylen Setzekorn climbed the glass for seven boards, snagging six on the offensive glass. Moore also made his presence felt on the defensive end with five steals, while Raemond Robinson forced three to give The Citadel a 14-4 edge in steals.

The Citadel impressed early as it built a 17-point halftime lead by hitting 46.9% (15-32) in the first half and at the same time used its defensive prowess to limit Fanshawe College to 28.6% (6-21).

Freshman Warren Sledge, starting in place of Harris, again impressed head coach Chuck Driesell with his composure and overall floor presence.

“Warren once again stepped up and did a super job of running our team,” said Driesell.  “He has gained some great experience on this trip and it will serve him and our team well this upcoming season. We took this trip to accomplish many things, one of which was to give our incoming freshman some valuable practice and playing time with our returning players, and I can’t be more pleased with the performance of all four freshmen on this trip.”

In the second half The Citadel took advantage of White hitting 8-of-10 from the free throw line and tacking on three jumpers in the paint to maintain its lead.

With the Bulldogs plagued by foul trouble Fanshawe College sliced the deficit to five points, but key free throw shooting down the stretch secured The Citadel’s victory.

Fanshawe was led offensively by the trio of Chavaun Miller-Bennett (14 points), Trey Langford (12) and Jeremy St. Clair (10). Olaleye Ojo controlled the paint for the Falcons with his game-high 11 rebounds, including four on the offensive glass.

The Citadel converted 18-of-25 (72%) attempts from the free throw line and capped off their third game in as many days by knocking down 23-of-59 (39%) from the floor.

A solid defensive by the Bulldogs limited Fanshawe to 22-of-54 (40.7%) shooting from the field. The Falcons also struggled at the charity stripe, hitting just 9-of-22 (40.9%) on the evening.

The Citadel completes the three-game exhibition tour through Canada with a 1-2 record.

 “I am really pleased with our player’s performance on this Canada trip,” added Driesell. “We played some tough competition on their court with their referees and FIBA rules.  Our players handled themselves extremely well and put themselves in a position to win every game. With only 10 practices prior to the three games, our players demonstrated great toughness especially on the defensive end.  We wanted to work hard to improve in that area and I believe we accomplished that as we held opponents in the three games to an average of 39% from the field. This is something we can build on as we prepare for the upcoming season.”