Coach Houston’s view of the 1st day

Coach Houston is setting a different tone for the Bulldogs!

Coach Houston is setting a different tone for the Bulldogs!

Posted 2/18/14 by Jeff Hartsell,

Brief thoughts from new Citadel coach Mike Houston and some notes on the Bulldogs’ first spring practice session on Tuesday. There are some position changes of note.

First, Houston:
“I thought our life was very good and the kids came out with a lot of energy. Other than that, it was triple option football in shorts and T-shirts. Not real exciting, but a good first day for getting the rust off and getting some orientation going.”

Position changes:
Tight end Nick Jeffreys (6-3, 240), who started last year as a freshman in the absence of Alex Glover, has been moved to defensive end. Glover is back with the team and practiced Tuesday.
“Nick is a very good player, a very good player, and I want to find a way to get good players on the field,” Houston said. “We’re going to see how he looks right there.”
Glover made some nice catches, but looks like he’s got some catching up to do in conditioning after sitting out last season.

Center Sam Frye (5-10, 285), the starter last year as a sophomore, has moved to right guard, leaving freshman Ryan Bednar (6-1, 280), his backup a year ago, at center.
“We’re going to try to get our best five on the field on the offensive line,” Houston said. “Right now, we’re going to move some guys around and figure out who are best five are, and they will be the guys who start. Then, we’ll see who’s next.”
An extremely early first-team O-line might include LT Harrison Davis (6-2, 255 R-Fr.); LG Kyle Weaver (6-2, 290, R-Fr.); C Ryan Bednar; RG Sam Frye; and RT Victor Hill (6-2, 275, Jr.).

Slotback Vinny Miller (5-10, 210, soph.) has moved to B-back, where he’ll work with rising sophomore Tyler Renew (5-11, 210).
“Vinny is a big kid with good speed and toughness,” Houston said. “He can play the slot, but with graduation last year of our starter there, we want to take a look at Vinny at that spot.”
Other notes:

Behind Aaron Miller and Cam Jackson at QB are Dane Anderson and Boeing Brown. Brown (6-2, 180) redshirted last year at wide receiver.

– The promised high practice tempo was evident, as were a lot of up-downs when the ball hit the ground. During his post-practice speech, Houston said, “Everybody’s been asking me, the TV stations and the newspaper, what’s my goal for spring practice? My No. 1 goal is for this to be a tough-*** football team that plays balls to the wall.”


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