New Citadel football coach: “We’ve got to play with an edge”

Coach Houston want the Bulldogs to have "the Edge"

Coach Houston want the Bulldogs to have “the Edge”

Posted on February 25, 2014 by Jeff Hartsell
on his blog “Bulldog Bites”

I caught up with new Citadel football coach Mike Houston on Saturday as the Bulldogs wrapped up the first week of spring practice. Here’s his review as the team gets started on the second week Tuesday (Feb. 25).

How has spring practice gone so far?
Houston: “Saturday was our first test day, our first day to find out a little bit about ourselves. I want to take a look at the film before I say a whole lot, but I will say is that we have to learn to play with the edge that I stood up at the press conference and said we would play with.

“I’m not a liar, so we are going to play that way. So we are going to have to develop the mentality as a team to practice that way to learn to play that way on game day.”

There’s been a couple of fights so far in practice. Does that mean they are developing that attitude? “Well, I don’t like chicken fights. No chicken fights. If it’s something that happens because of intensity, in the heat of the moment, that’s one thing. But I don’t like chicken fighting.”

Are there two or three guys standing out so far?
“I thought Aaron Miller was outstanding today. I think he’s doing a great job of being composed and being a leader on offense. I just think he’s got a good head on him and he had a really good day.
(Wide receiver) Brandon Eakins has had a good week starting out, not only catching the ball but blocking. Defensively, (linemen) Mitchell Jeter and Cam Mobley inside, I thought they had a good week. Cam improved a lot from a sorry day on Tuesday to a pretty good Friday and Saturday.”

How about the offensive line?
“They are coming along. Victor Hill is showing some leadership as the senior guy in the fray, and Isaiah Pinson has had a really good week, a young redshirt freshman from Byrnes High School. Really pleased with the week he’s had.”

In the secondary, there are a lot of new faces. How are they coming along?
“They are all over the place. (Safety) Nick Willis is battling a quad injury but still practiced and has had a good beginning. Julian Baxter is showing some flashes and Malik Diggs, a young safety, has had a good week. But I’m challenging those guys. We’ve got to learn to play with an edge in the secondary. I’m not about a finesse bunch back there. We’ve got to play with some heart.”

At slotback, how’s it look?
“We’ve got a couple of older kids in Jake Stenson and Dalton Trevino who have played a lot of snaps, and I think Dalton has improved a lot since Tuesday. DeAndre Schoultz has a lot of ability, and Jonathan Dorogy is a young kid who has a lot of ability. I’m not really sure where they are all right now, but they can all play a part and they will need to.”


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