Class of 2015 rising leadership announced

CHARLESTON, S.C. – The Citadel’s Commandant of Cadets has designated commanders, regimental staff, sergeants major and first sergeants for the Class of 2015. Cadets who will assume the nine top-ranking positions were recognized during a private ceremony with The Citadel’s president, Lt. Gen. John W. Rosa, The Citadel’s Provost, Gen. Samuel Hines, Ph.D., and The Commandant of Cadets, Col. Leo Mercado. The new officers were provided with the chevrons that will be added to their uniforms to reflect their ranks. They will assume their stations when the fall semester begins.


Pictured left to right: Col. Leo Mercado, Commandant of Cadets, Kyle M. Wise, Honor Chairman, Ryan A. Cass, 5th Battalion Commander, Grace C. Raines, Regimental Academic Officer, Kevin T. Lowring, 4th Battalion Commander, Zach E. Taylor, 3rd Battalion Commander, Lt. Gen. John W. Rosa, President of The Citadel, Drew A. DeBruhl, 2nd Battalion Commander, Savannah Emmrich, 1st Battalion Commander,,Keith T. Lemay, Regimental Executive Officer, John C. Brosch, Regimental Commander, Brig. Gen. Samuel M. Hines, Jr., Provost and Dean of the College.

Romeo Company Commander is Cadet Alex Worner of Copley, Ohio
Romeo Company 1st Sgt is Cadet Payton Cavanaugh of Fayetteville, Georgia & son of Brian Cavanaugh, Romeo’87.
4th Battalion Commander is Romeo’s own Kevin Lowery of Bogart, Georgia.

Cadet Miguel Parrado, son of Carlos Parrado, Romeo’79 will be the Regimental Operations NCO

And congratulations to our new Regimental Commander, Cadet John Brosch of Ann Arbor, Michigan

Here’s all Cadet Leadership for 2014 – 2015

Regimental Commander – John C. Brosch
Regimental XO – Keith T. Lemay
Honor Chairman – Kyle M. Wise
Regimental Academic Officer– Grace C. Raines
Regimental Adjutant – Nicholas C Ruggiere
Regimental Provost Marshall – Tyler J. Mitchell
Regimental Operations Officer – YounGun Kim
Regimental Supply officer – Jacob H. Faulke
Regimental Public Affairs Officer – Logan H. Hester
Regimental ITS officer – Ting W. Liang
Honor Vice Chairman-Education – Nolan K. Bradley
Vice Chair for Investigations – Cory A. Yslas
Regimental Religious Officer – Jason P. Phmow
Regimental Human Affairs Officer – Tanner C. Jameson
Regimental Athletic Officer – Richard J. Hicks
Regimental Activities Officer – Evin Fowler
Regimental Recruiting Officer – Ethan W. Kindwall
Regimental Sergeant Major – Carlos I. Ramos
Regimental Admin NCO – Ross G. Evatt
Regimental Operations – NCO Miguel Parrado
Regimental Supply NCO – Louis K. Boyd
Regimental Provost NCO – Lance W. Cook
Regimental Human Affairs NCO – Rocco W. Consiglio
Regimental Public Affairs NCO – James N. McManus
Regimental Recruiting NCO – Savannah G. Duan
Regimental Athletic NCO – Alexander H. Ghaffari
Regimental Activities NCO – Nathan S. Thomas

1st Battalion
Battalion Commander – Savannah Emmrich
Battalion SGM – James R Urban
A Company Commander – Kevin L. Gess
A Company First Sergeant – Jeffrey S. Benedict
B Company Commander – Charles L. Nause
B Company First Sergeant – Luke N. Pittman
C Company Commander – Chance R. Baker
C Company First Sergeant – Alexander G. MacDonald
D Company Commander – Ryan C. Branch
D Company First Sergeant – Thomas M. Brown

2nd Battalion
Battalion Commander – Drew A. DeBruhl
Battalion SGM – Sean T. Broyles
E Company Commander – Daniel L. Phillips
E Company First Sergeant – Joseph E. Benson
F Company Commander – Jacob T. Pues
F Company First Sergeant – Timothy A. Gaddis
G Company Commander – Brian R. Griffin
G Company First Sergeant – Russell G. Johnson
H Company Commander – Hayden D. Lancaster
H Company First Sergeant – Zachariah S. Salamone
BD Company Commander – David P. Cunningham
BD Company First Sergeant – Kane P. McManus

3rd Battalion
Battalion Commander – Zachary E. Taylor
Battalion SGM – Anthony Milani
I Company Commander – Brittany K. Crocker
I Company First Sergeant – Mattison R. Wilbanks
L Company Commander – Rhett D. Oliver
L Company First Sergeant – Brent S. Keifer
M Company Commander – Scott A. Benton
M Company First Sergeant – John Hope

4th Battalion
Battalion Commander – Kevin T. Lowring
Battalion SGM – Kenny Gonzalez
N Company Commander – William Beaudoin
N Company First Sergeant – Alex J. Hayden
O Company Commander – Peter J. Klimek
O Company First Sergeant – William Z. Long
R Company Commander – Alex M. Worner
R Company First Sergeant – Payton M. Cavanaugh
T Company Commander – Peyton T. Talbott
T Company First Sergeant – Danny M. Bruce

5th Battalion
Battalion Commander – Ryan A. Cass
Battalion SGM – George M. Taylor
P Company Commander – Christopher F. D ‘Esposito
P Company First Sergeant – John Luke Tippetts
PB Company Commander – John P. Lintner
PB Company First Sergeant – Fernando U. Gonzalez
Company Commander – Eric S. Davis
S Company First Sergeant – Matthew Bungarden
V Company Commander – William C. Plummer
V Company First Sergeant – Graham B. Stolte


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