Bob Spearman Joins Conroy & Epps as novelist from Big R

Bob Spearman, R Co. '75

Bob Spearman, R Co. ’75

Please add Bob Spearman to the list of Romeo Company alums who are novelists. He joins Pat Conroy and David Epps(Sword Drill) as the other published R Company alumni (there may be more). I thought his Romeo brothers might enjoy reading his novel and maybe even helping get the word out.

The book, entitled Turf and Surf, is a fictional mystery-thriller about Myrtle Beach, the lifeguards, tourists, locals and drug gangsters all struggling for their Turf at the Grand Strand. The action spills over into rural Williamsburg County and its Black River. Turf and Surf is on Amazon in both paper back and Kindle versions. Bob’s also got a web site, Bob Spearman – Edisto Books showing other books and short stories in work.

OBTW, He has a book signing in Summerville next Thursday, May 15. I’ll let you know where when I confirm the location.

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Bob Spearman – Edisto Books


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