Citadel lineman suspended indefinitely for comments after FSU game

by Jeff Hartsell
Sep 8 2014 8:28 pm

Citadel offensive lineman Victor Hill has been suspended indefinitely from the team after his comments, posted to a Post and Courier on-line article on Sunday, regarding trying to injure opposing players in Saturday’s 37-12 loss at No. 1 Florida State.

Bulldogs coach Mike Houston said Hill, a senior from Greenville, could return to the team “when he has successfully demonstrated that he can abide and live by the core values that should be demonstrated by any individuals who have the privilege to represent The Citadel and our football program.”

Hill posted his comment to an article on The Post and Courier website describing FSU coach Jimbo Fisher’s thoughts on the cut-blocking techniques used by the Bulldogs. “I played in the game last night and also contributed to the injury list and that was just the mindset going into the game,” Hill wrote in his comment. “Me and my offensive line brothers preached to each other all week that we would be going for knees from the first play to the last play with the A-backs included. We saw it as if they (won’t) respect us for blocking them then we’ll make them respect us for cutting them!”

Houston said he is “very disappointed in the words chosen by Victor Hill.” Hill apologized Sunday. “After speaking at length with on multiple occasions with Victor and careful review of video footage of our game this past Saturday night, I have found no purposeful intent to injure from Victor or any other member of our football program,” Houston said. “In the past eight months that I have been the head football coach at The Citadel, I observed Victor up to this point to be a morally good person. “I do not condone his statement or what was implied by his words. I and the coaches in our program teach the great game of football to be played within the rules and will never condone anyone who is trying to purposefully injure an opponent.”

Three FSU defensive linemen were injured in the game against The Citadel, and afterwards Fisher said that while the Bulldogs had done nothing illegal, he’d rather face “more conventional” teams that don’t cut-block as much as option teams such as The Citadel.
Game film (reviewed by The Post and Courier) showed that none of the FSU linemen were injured by cut-blocks. Tackle Eddie Goldman was cut-block by a Citadel guard early in the game, but appeared to be injured in a pile-up at the end of the play. Neither of the other two injuries involved cut-blocks, the film showed.

Houston said he also reviewed the methods Citadel coaches use to teach cut-blocks.
“I believe we are consistent with how every team in the country teaches cut-blocking,” he said. “I’m confident that we are teaching the game the right way.”


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