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Three times the charm for one family at The Citadel

October 31, 2014
 From left: GianCarlo, Alan and Miguel Parrado Photographer: James McManus

From left: GianCarlo, Alan and Miguel Parrado Photographer: James McManus

’79 Romeo Alum Carlos Parrado is their proud Papa!

By Cadet James McManus

Sitting in my room in Second Battalion overlooking Summerall Field, my computer pinged as I received yet another email. I opened it and immediately burst out laughing as a flood of memories washed over me. The email contained pictures of my classmates and me at the Honors Program Orientation Dinner, the night before our Matriculation Day back in 2012 (a sleepless night for most). The main reason I was laughing, besides the fact that we all looked so young, was because the person standing next to me in the picture was Miguel Parrado who, unbeknownst to me at the time, would become my good friend and roommate.

I remember sitting next to Miguel at the table during dinner that night and taking solace in the fact that I would know at least one person in my company the next day. I also distinctly remember Miguel’s parents, Cristina and Dr. Parrado, (who retired as a lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Army) being very friendly. They helped ease many of the concerns my parents and I had about what would be my first day at The Citadel. Their extensive knowledge was due in part because their oldest son, Alan, had just finished his knob (freshman) year and because Dr. Parrado is a member of The Citadel Class of 1979. The tally then was two Parrado Citadel men. But now there are three Parrado brothers attending at the same time: Miguel (junior), Alan (senior), and GianCarlo (knob). The Parrado family is certainly a “Citadel family”.

Even though Dr. Parrado is a Citadel alumnus, the Parrados never thought all three of their sons would enroll in the school. “The oldest two were focused on The Citadel for years, despite the fact they have such different personalities,” Cristina said, recalling a class reunion when the boys were about four and five years old, “they were infatuated with the whole thing.” Dr. Parrado added that “our third didn’t realize he wanted to attend until about two years ago when he started learning more about the academic opportunities and the benefits of military-style training.”

By now, the Parrado parents are old pros at understanding the cadet experience. “Our older son went through his first year relying on the leadership in his battalion,” Cristina said, “and each subsequent brother knew that he would have to carve his own experience.” The couple also realized that the challenges of The Citadel extend well beyond just the first year, especially when balancing academic demands with the duties assigned to cadets who achieve rank. Many parents of cadets see great changes in their sons and daughters throughout the experience. In contrast, the Parrados said because their sons were raised in a military family, they grew up knowing exactly what their responsibilities were, making them ready for The Citadel culture. “Other than craving to eat and sleep more when they come home, there haven’t been many differences,” Dr. Parrado said. He did point out that their sons have benefitted greatly from the entire experience, as “they have been exposed to students that think like they do: those that are focused, who strive to excel, and who stand ready to serve.”

As they have been able to follow their sons (and their sons’ classmates) through the experience, they have some advice for current and future knobs. Cristina cautioned, “If anyone walks in the first day thinking they know it all and are all they can be, they have already limited their potential for future learning. “Humility is strength, not a weakness.” Dr. Parrado agreed and elaborated that this humility helps cement a commitment to and understanding of the concept of servant leadership. “From the first day a young person decides to be a part of The Citadel, that person must realize that individual gain is second to the gain of the Corps as a whole.”

Although the Parrado parents stay busy in their Columbus, Ga., they love coming to Charleston to enjoy the city and the beach, visit old friends, and of course, spend time with their sons and their sons’ classmates. They especially look forward to Parents Weekend. “We highly recommend the Academic Open Houses, which are a great opportunity to meet the wonderful faculty in your cadet’s areas of study. We truly enjoy how The Citadel encourages special dates for the families of cadets to come and see all of their hard work.”

While two of their sons, Miguel and GianCarlo, graduate in 2016 and 2018 respectively, Alan is applying to graduate school which he hopes to enter after graduation this May. He accepted his much-awaited class ring at the Ring Presentation on Parents Weekend, with every member of his family understanding fully the commitment it took to earn it.

MSG J McManus
Regimental Public Affairs NCO
South Carolina Corps of Cadets
Sierra Company, Class of 2016


Citadel football still plagued by self-inflicted mistakes

October 31, 2014
Isiaha Smith's fumble at WCU was just one dagger that killed a possible win.   Photo by Russ Pace, The Citadel

Isiaha Smith’s fumble at WCU was just one dagger that killed a possible win. Photo by Russ Pace, The Citadel

by: Jeff Hartsell The Charleston Post & Courier
Oct 28 2014 5:13 pm Oct 28 6:07 pm

Next Game
WHO: The Citadel (2-6, 0-3) at Mercer (5-4, 1-4)
WHEN: 4 p.m. Saturday
WHERE: Mercer Stadium, Macon, Ga.
RADIO: 1450-AM

In The Citadel’s season-opening loss to Coastal Carolina on Aug. 30, self-inflicted mistakes – namely, fumbles and penalties – prevented the Bulldogs from having a real chance to win, and they lost by two touchdowns. Eight weeks later, the same sort of mistakes again prevented the Bulldogs from having a real chance to win, and they lost by two touchdowns at Western Carolina.

That the 2-6 Bulldogs have not solved those problems at this late date in the season is particularly frustrating for coach Mike Houston, who is still seeking his first Southern Conference win as The Citadel (0-3 in the league) plays at newcomer Mercer (5-4, 1-4) on Saturday. “Saturday’s game was frustrating, because it goes back to what I said at the beginning of the season,” said Houston, whose Bulldogs had four turnovers and six penalties in Saturday’s 29-15 loss at Western Carolina. “And that is that we can win our share of games as long as we do what good football teams do. “Late in the year, good football teams take care of the football, don’t have penalties on critical downs and play good, fundamentally sound defense. And although we did some good things Saturday, we didn’t do those things that we needed to.”

The Bulldogs lost three fumbles against WCU – all three inside the Catamounts 32-yard line, and one at the goal line – and had two false-start penalties in fourth-and-short situations that they were prepared to go for. The Citadel punted both times, including in the fourth quarter when the Bulldogs trailed by just 21-15 with 5:29 to play. Six plays after that punt, WCU scored the clinching TD. Fumbles (22 on the season, eight lost) and penalties (46, tied for third-most in the SoCon) also hurt the Bulldogs in a 20-18 loss at Charleston Southern in the third week of the season.
“We start drives fairly well, and then a penalty sets us back, or ball security,” said quarterback Aaron Miller. “We just have to be more consistent and finish off these drives.”
Houston discussed those very issues with his staff Tuesday morning. “This late in the year, typically my teams have not done those kinds of things, and that’s the frustrating thing,” said Houston, who was 29-8 in three seasons at Lenoir-Rhyne before coming to The Citadel. “It’s not for lack of effort; the kids are giving very good effort. All three of our fumbles on Saturday were from players who are playing for the first time this season. But still, we’ve played almost an entire season now and we’ve got to do a better job with ball security.”

Sophomore fullback Tyler Renew, a first-year starter, lost a fumble at the WCU 29 on the Bulldogs’ first possession of the game, thwarting a promising 10-play drive. Freshman fullback Isiaha Smith was stripped of the ball at the 1-yard line after a 53-yard run, spoiling what would have been a TD and a 15-7 Citadel lead in the second quarter. And redshirt freshman slotback Cam Jackson lost a fumble at the WCU 32, stopping a 14-play drive in the third quarter. The Catamounts scored four plays later for a 21-8 lead.

The turnovers, including Miller’s first interception of the season, spoiled what was otherwise a respectable offensive performance, as the Bulldogs piled up 360 rushing yards and 443 total, keeping the ball for 34 minutes. “I felt like we controlled the line of scrimmage offensively and moved the ball very effectively,” Houston said. “We had some breakdowns in the red zone that took away good scoring opportunities against a good football team that is playing with a lot of confidence.”

The breakdowns weren’t limited to offense. The Catamounts scored on runs of 24, 38 and 20 yards when running backs Detrez Newsome and Darius Ramsey were basically untouched.
“We gave up a couple of runs where guys tried to do too much and play outside the scheme,” Houston said. “These are things that we have to correct and that we can correct. All these things are in our control, and if we correct those things, we might be talking about a two-score win (against Western Carolina).”

Saturday’s game at Mercer will be shown on ESPN3 and thus will not be on the SoCon Digital Network.

2014 Homecoming Schedule

October 31, 2014

Homecoming 2014 is the weekend of November 8.

Thursday, Nov. 6

CAA Awards Gala Reception & Dinner
(CAA Members Only)
R.s.v.p. by Oct. 31 at
Alumni Center

Friday, Nov. 7
CAA Annual Meeting
Alumni Center

Alumni Memorial Service
Summerall Chapel

School of Science and Math Open House
Grimsley Hall

Twilight Parade
Summerall Field

Citadel Young Alumni Reception (classes of 1999-2013)
Alumni Center

Saturday, Nov. 8

CAA Past President Breakfast

Alumni Center

Open Barracks

Summerall Guards Performance
Summerall Field

Homecoming Review
Summerall Field

Coward Hall Luncheon ($12, cash only)
Coward Hall

CAA Pregame “Chow” ($12)
Alumni Center

School of Engineering Alumni BBQ

Grimsley Hall

Furman vs. The Citadel Football Game
Johnson Hagood Stadium

Sunday, Nov. 9
Protestant Service
Summerall Chapel

Protestant Reception
Mark Clark Hall

Catholic Mass
Summerall Chapel

Catholic Reception
Mark Clark Hall