Cadet Jamie sets sights on Tattoo

Cadet Jamie Crawford of Band Company

Cadet Jamie Crawford of Band Company

From: The Northern Scot 1/19/15
Elgin, Scotland

AN AMERICAN military college band has been invited to perform in the 2015 Edinburgh Tattoo, and among its ranks could be a former pupil of Lossiemouth High School. Jamie Crawford (18) was one of around 2,250 cadets to begin his first of four years at the Citadel – the military college of South Carolina – last August. As part of the Regimental Band Company, in which he plays the cymbals, he could be among cadets chosen to perform at the 66th Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo in August.

“I won’t find out until around April if I’m chosen to go or not, but to be part of an event like that would definitely be worthwhile,” said Jamie, who returned home to Lossiemouth for the festive break. Attending the Charleston institution became an ambition while Jamie was in his teens, and he pulled up his grades from Ds to As and Bs and sat the American SAT exams in order to attend. He spent the summer with a group of Lossiemouth High pupils carrying out a project in India, before learning that his application to the prestigious institution had been accepted.

Dad Graham, minister of St James’ Church in Lossiemouth, called him on his mobile phone to deliver the happy news. “I caused a bit of a commotion when I got the call on the bus,” said Jamie, who is majoring in Criminal Justice. As a cadet, he follows a regimented daily schedule that includes physical training, academic classes, studies in military science, athletics, club sports, leadership training, club activities and diverse special events.
“I only get about five hours’ sleep a night, but I’m loving it,” he said.

Jamie is no stranger to South Carolina, as his mother hails originally from the state, and he still has relatives in the area. As soon as he decided that he wanted to attend the military college, he gleaned as much information as he could to increase his chances of being accepted. “The school was so motivating that I did all I could to get in,” he said. “I improved my grades through pure determination and motivation, because up until that point I had no real drive at all. I just wanted to get through school.

“When I went there for a visit, it really was a bit of an eye-opener. I knew it was what I wanted to do, and from that point on, it gave me purpose,” he said. Jamie hopes to enter the US Army after he graduates, joining around 35% of the institution’s cadets who will forge military careers.

The Military College of South Carolina Regimental Band was first selected to represent the United States at the 1991 Edinburgh Tattoo, returning in 2010 for the Silver Jubilee event. It is the only US military college band ever to be invited to take part in the famous event.


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