DaSean Daniels Update

DaSean Daniels

DaSean Daniels

an update from campus

Isn’t is strange how things can change for someone’s life in the blink of an eye. No matter your age, your status, or how good of a condition your body is in; life can deal you a deadly blow at any time. The 19 year-old running back for The Citadel Bulldogs, DaSean Daniels coming out of a huddle collapsed on the football practice field, and did not recover immediately. He could not be revived, EMS was summoned, and he was rushed to The Medical University of South Carolina where he was taken into emergency surgery to drain blood to relieve the pressure on his brain. As of last evening, DaSean was progressing a lot faster than expected. He has become very conscience, and is responding to the doctors and what they ask him to do. One Doc said the kid gave him a “thumbs up”.

Coach Mike Houston; “The play before DaSean collapsed was a normal football play. He had no direct contact to the head, and there was nothing during the day that was different from any other practice. In talking to the players in the huddle with him, it seems like everything was completely normal with him up until the moment he collapsed. Andy Clawson tried to revive him and examine him. When it became clear that something potentially was serious we called 911 immediately and they were here very quickly. The surgeon did tell me that it was very fortunate the we were close to The Medical University, and that he received medical care quickly. “

DeSean Daniels survived a bout with bone cancer that was diagnosed when he was at the ‘U. S. Naval Prep School’ in 2013. He underwent chemotherapy to treat a tumor on one of his ribs. DaSean was cleared by his doctors to play football, but the Naval Academy would not clear him after the cancer to attend the Academy, and he signed to play football with The Citadel.

DaSean’s father David Daniels: “We looked at the tape from practice, and the play right before it was a regular football play. A defender dragged DaSean down from the side. The doctors do not know exactly what happened, but they said it could have been a situation where the vein in his head became detached maybe due to hypertension. The episode had nothing to do with the cancer. From everything the doctors are telling us – this is a random out of the ordinary deal that happened. He will be fine. He is going to get through this.”

Coach Houston; “ There was a lot of shock among our players. It hit us all because that is something you do not see often. I don’t think I have ever been so scared for a kid in my life. He is a bright young man, a bright spirit. You hate to see anyone in that situation, so it is tough.’

DaSean’s parents and family are all here and some of the football players and Cadets from his company came by to see him last night. His parents want to be very open with the players and friends, and keep them informed on how he is doing. Mr. David Daniels said he is confident his son will recover.


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