The Citadel Class of 2016 climb the ranks into leadership positions

The 2016-17 Corps of Cadets Regimental and Battalion leadership

The 2016-17 Corps of Cadets Regimental and Battalion leadership

CHARLESTON, S.C. – The Citadel’s Commandant of Cadets designates commanders, regimental staff, sergeants major and first sergeants for the Class of 2016. Cadets who will assume the nine top-ranking positions were recognized during a private ceremony with The Citadel’s president, Lt. Gen. John W. Rosa, The Citadel’s Associate Provost, Col. Mark Bebensee, and The Commandant of Cadets, Capt. Geno Paluso. The new officers were provided with the chevrons that will be added to their uniforms to reflect their ranks. They will assume their stations when the fall semester begins.

Regimental Staff

Regimental Commander – James R. Urban
Regimental XO – Spencer E. Lukas
Honor Chairman — Edward J. Kelley
Regimental Academic Officer — James N. McManus
Regimental Adjutant — Matthew M. Ireland,
Regimental Provost Marshall — Lance W. Cook
Regimental Operations Officer — Colin W. Graham
Regimental Supply Officer — Dylan K. Green
Regimental Public Affairs Officer — Brianna J. Young
Regimental ITS Officer — TBD
Honor Vice Chairman-Education — John David Raad
Vice Chair for Investigations — Alex L. Hairfield
Regimental Religious Officer — Robert C. Scarborough
Regt Human Affairs Officer — Rocco W. Consiglio
Regimental Physical Readiness Officer — Dennis P. Crepes
Regimental Activities Officer — Nathan S. Thomas
Regimental Recruiting Officer — Savannah G. Duan
Regimental Sergeant Major — Devin W. Oliver
Regimental Admin NCO — Austin K. McMath
Regimental Operations NCO — Joel P. Neuder
Regimental Supply NCO — Matthew C. Kim
Regimental Provost NCO — Anthony R. Zovich
Regimental Human Affairs NCO — Ryan P. Fallon
Regimental Public Affairs NCO — TBD
Regimental Recruiting NCO — Christopher B. McGee,
Regimental Physical Readiness NCO — Zachary D. Rutherford
Regimental Activities NCO — Alex C. Bear

1st Battalion
Battalion Commander —James A. Jenkins,
Battalion SGM — Benjamin R. Young
A Company Commander — Russell G. Johnson
A Company First Sergeant — Gregory J. Daly
B Company Commander — Emily M. Schwendinger
B Company First Sergeant — Joel R. Smith
C Company Commander — Austin M. Brown
C Company First Sergeant — Jesse Ray N. Nardone
D Company Commander — Brent S. Kiefer
D Company First Sergeant — Collins T. Langley

2nd Battalion

Battalion Commander — George M. Taylor
Battalion SGM — Kaleb R. Martin
E Company Commander — Michael C. Sherrill
E Company First Sergeant — Cody W. Ford
F Company Commander — Luke N. Pittman
F Company First Sergeant — Joshua J. Scaife
G Company Commander — Franklin T. Fox
G Company First Sergeant — Wilson G. Wicker
H Company Commander — Danny M. Bruce
H Company First Sergeant — Jeremy Q. Miller
BD Company Commander — Kane P. McManus
BD Company Fist Sergeant — Hayden D. Fry

3rd Battalion
Battalion Commander — Walter D. Bryson
Battalion SGM — William D. Hooker
I Company Commander — Louis K. Boyd
I Company First Sergeant — Jacob T. Van Horn
K Company Commander — Thomas M. Brown
K Company First Sergeant — David M. Salter
L Company Commander — Wilson R. Hope
L Company First Sergeant — William C. Ferguson
M Company Commander — Luis M. Parrado
M Company First Sergeant — James R. Batzer

4th Battalion
Battalion Commander — Jared D. Brown
Battalion SGM — Kevin M. MacDonald
N Company Commander — John W. Hope
N Company First Sergeant — Gregory A. Krueger
O Company Commander — Taylor M. Scott
O Company First Sergeant — Andrew C. Griles
R Company Commander — Eric J. Dompkowski
R Company First Sergeant — William S. Thies
T Company Commander — Matthew Bungarden
T Company First Sergeant — Logan M. Moran

5th Battalion
Battalion Commander — Justine C. Zukowski
Battalion SGM — Bret H. Seidler
P Company Commander — Kevyn D. McNeil
P Company First Sergeant — Brett H. Albertson
PB Commander — Anthony Milani
PB First Sergeant — Gregory N. Williamson
S Company Commander — Jacob N. Robbins
S Company First Sergeant — Peyton W. McCarter
V Company Commander — Alexander G. MacDonald
V Company First Sergeant — Angelica L. McNerny

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