’97 Grad gets leadership role at Joint Base Charleston

Lt. Col Currin is a '97 grad from Oscar Company

Lt. Col Currin is a ’97 grad from Oscar Company

Orangeburg Times-Democrat Staff Writer

“Yes! That’s exactly where I wanted to go,” 7-year-old Tessa exclaimed as she threw her hands in the air. Her father, Lt. Col. Scovill W. Currin Jr. of the U.S. Air Force, had just revealed the news to his family during dinner that they were relocating to Charleston, S.C. An Orangeburg native, Currin has been offered the command of the 437th Operations Group at Joint Base Charleston.

“I’m really excited to come back” Currin said. “I was ecstatic. This was really neat. For an Air Force pilot, it’s the ultimate job.” The 437th Operations Group provides C-17A combat-ready aircrews, mission support personnel and processes for 55 assigned aircraft to meet White House, Department of State and Joint Chiefs of staff-directed global deployment, employment and resupply of Department of Defense and allied forces via air, land and airdrop operations. The Operations Group also conducts worldwide emergency nuclear, aero medical, humanitarian and combat airlift operations.

Currin grew up in Orangeburg and graduated from Orangeburg Preparatory School in 1993. Originally having aspirations of becoming a college professor, Currin was an English major at The Citadel in Charleston. He recalls watching several airplanes fly over The Citadel, wondering what it would feel like to be a pilot someday. Signing up for Air Force ROTC led Currin to the next chapter of his life.

He joined the Air Force with the intention of staying in for just the minimum amount of years so he would no longer be in his parents’ pockets. “I liked the idea of paying my own way,” Currin explained. His time in the Air Force lasted longer than he thought, as he recently celebrated 18 years of service.

While serving, Currin earned his Master of Arts degree in Organizational Management from George Washington University and Master of Airpower Arts and Sciences degree from the School of Advanced Air and Space Studies at Maxwell Air Force Base in Alabama. He has also spent the last three years at Duke University completing a doctorate in history.

“I experienced the positive impact of a good leader and decided I wanted to positively impact lives,” Currin said. Currin has also completed a deployment in Al Udeid AB, Qatar, where he commanded the 379th Expeditionary Operations Support Squadron and led a team of active duty, Guard and Reserve airmen who ensured successful combat missions for more than 80 aircraft.


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