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Bob Spearman ’75 Need our Help!

June 20, 2016

Let’s help get his 3rd novel published!


Bob Spearman’s third novel, Shrimpin’ Gold was selected for a Kindle Scout contest for unpublished novels. You can vote at

To vote you only have to sign in with your Amazon user-name and PW. If Shrimpin’ Gold is selected as a winner, each person who nominates will win a free e-book version from Kindle. Shem Creek is setting for the story of shrimpers, gold, and pirates.

At the URL site, they show the cover and the first 5000 words of the story. The contest started on June 18 and will last thirty days. So help a struggling writer.

More author Information and books published at
and while you are at it read his 1st two novels! . They are a great reads: Hard Road and Turf and Surf: Who Owns Your Paradise

Find them at: